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There is a complete difference between petrol and diesel and even mixing AdBlue with any of the fuel can be dangerous, and most of the drivers make a mistake of wrong fuelling, which can be hazardous.


There is a certain percentage like,in under 5% of petrol in a diesel tank, and you have put exactly that much and you are sure about it, then your car will work fine. It even doesn’t need a recovery service. If you have added more than that limit, your car can still be protected if you call our local team in South West London for our wrong fuel drain service. We have a well-prepared team that can remove all the wrong fuel within an hour.

Are you in trouble on the highway due to unintentionally fill up your diesel automobile with petrol? It won’t be substantial and costly work if you contact us. Depending on your circumstances, we can manage our work anywhere, such as on the road or right in front of the petrol station or on the highway. We have previously done many fuel drain services in South West London. Call Auto Fuel Docter for Misfueling Services in South West London.

You are on a highway, getting late from the office or coming home after a long hectic day. Obviously, you will be in a hurry and it’s understandable that you can make a little mistake of putting wrong fuelling like adding Adblue in fuel tank. But this little mistake can cause huge damage to your car if you don`t ask for help from professionals. We can protect you from severe damage if you call our local team in South West London for assistance. 

Have you made a mistake of wrong fuel? Put unleaded in diesel? Give us a phone call, our crew does not mind the weather state. We will react to your call, either it’s raining or snowing. After we fix it, there will be surely no problems with your car at all. Auto fuel doctor fuel drain specialists have the proper certificates and are fully licensed for their services in South West London.


Added Wrong Fuel in South West London

If you’re in South West London and you have inserted the incorrect fuel in your car? And continued to drive the vehicle on the wrong fuel without recognizing? The car will not get that far before the incorrect oil contaminates the car’s engine and prompts the car to shut off. In this case, Auto Fuel Doctor South West London can still help to remove the wrong fuel from your vehicle and get the car back on the road.

Fuel Services

There isn’t any other solution of wrong fuelling except fuel removal—Call Auto Fuel Doctor for the most reliable service of incorrect fuel removal in your area.


We don’t just give a fuel drainage service; but also performs a complete check for any damage and fill your car with fresh fuel before handing it over to you.

Fuel Disposal

Auto Fuel Doctor is a solution for all of your wrong fuel problems. If you are in South West London, don’t go anywhere else. Call us; we will be there.



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